Sunshine Tennis Club Junior Hots Shots in action

ANZ Hot Shots Term 1, 2017

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Junior Tennis

The players shown here are from Northern Territory and New South Wales.

This gallery shows the SA & ACT sides preparing to play, and after the various singles & doubles matches.

A cold, grey day for players...

On Thursday Sunshine was lucky to welcome the Tasmanian side to play the NT side.

The Tassie players are shown going through their warm up routines under the supervision of Trent, whilst being closely watched by Umpire Geoff Lyons [we had already set the nets to the Official height, he didn’t need to check our professional work!!].

We couldn’t prevent the players from leaning on the nets during the welcoming session early in the morning!!

"A very successful Sunshine Medibank Junior Tournament was held at the club on Sunday 9th August  with contestants from the north and south of the state.
The under 9's got the day's event away to a great start in a round robin event. Group A winner was Jonas Best who had some very good matches against Mia Healy, Alicia Dale (super tie break) and Tully Parke (super tie break) while Brooke Emily Miller was in very good form in winning Group B against Ethan Everest Conallin (super tie break) and Luke Healy. Brooke won the final against Jonas 6/0, 6/2.
The 11/13 U Girls event final was also of a high standard contested by sisters Georgina and Victoria Fish with Georgina finishing the stronger on the day with Olivia McHugh third..
The Boys 13/15 U was also a tightly fought contest with group A won by Patrick Best from Launceston and group B Jakob Haas who had some 'long' matches on the day winning against Ben Fegusson in a super tie break, Ethan Rance and another classic super tie break with Casey Ambler. Jakob and Patrick played an exciting final with Jakob winning 1/6, 7/5, (6-10) in a super tie break.
The day concluded with the lights needing to be turned on for the Under 9's doubles with George Anderson combining with Luke Healy to win against Ethan Everest Conallin and Alicia Dale in some entertaining tennis. The fight for third place was contested with Brooke Emily Miller and Callum Wherrett combining to win against Mia Healy and Tully Parke.
The canteen was ably managed by David Evans and John Gericke while Paul Johnston assisted in the morning session before retiring at lunch. There were many a compliment to the men on the capable way they performed in the canteen without a woman in sight. Later in the day David's wife Jan came in to make sure everything was in order!!!  
Many thanks to those who assisted to make the day such a success."
Michael Geard



ANZ Hot Shots at Sunshine Tennis Club

ANZ Hot Shots

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